Begginers Yoga

That all the YOGA-AASANAS are Not Feasible, Not Necessary, Not Beneficial and even are not Advisable also for Everyone ?

That improper Practicing or Over Practicing even the Advisable YOGA- AASANAS for you- Becomes Harmful ?

That Unwanted and Inscientific Exercises offered in the name of YOGA, are vulnerable to unexpected Serious Body Disorders ?

That such Body Disorders, apart from Causing Severe Physical Discomfort, also calls for your Precious Time & Money to set them right and that even then, sometimes, they cannot be completely cured ?

Remember that YOGA-AASANAS are Neither Gymnastic Nor Even Exercise!

They are simply the tools to establish tunings between

Your Bones & Muscles.      Your Body and Mind…. &

Your Breathing and Body Rhythm       Your Mind and the Inner-Self?

They are more for HEALTHY and Balanced life with Spiritual Touch!

Practice Yoga STRICTLY UNDER Close Supervision & Guidance of Qualified, Trained, Professional, Experienced & Expert Facilitator only to Avail The Best Results and Desired Advantages!