For A Pleasing & Dashing personality as also for a Brilliant Career.

Quadragenarian Women (40 to 50 Yrs)

For Managing Their Pre & Post Menopausal Emotions and Menopausal Health.

Young Couples & Expectant Mothers

For a Blissful & Divine Child.
For Pre & Post Natal Care and Health


For Their Perfect Physical & Mental Growth.
For Enhancing Their Concentration on Study.
For Sowing Seeds of Morals, Values & Ethics in Their Tender Minds.

Only “Home Managing” Women

For Cheerful Personal Life, Family Life and Social Life.


For Giving Right Direction to Their Emotions.
For Making Them Aware About Their Future Roles & Responsibilities.

Corporates, Professionals & Business Executives

For Their Outstanding Performance in Achieving the Business Goals.


For Mutual Honour, Unity & Harmony

Senior Citizen

For Minimizing Their Physical Disorders and Maximizing Their Contentment and Pleasure.

Women also involved In Economic, Social & Political Activity Etc

For Ensuring Harmony & Balance Between Their Personal and Professional Life.
For Managing Stress, Both at the Home Front as also in the Activity Field.